10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait Until The New Year to Join a Gym


10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait Until The New Year to Join a Gym

2019 is right around the corner. Thank goodness too, because 2018 was a rough one.

Before we celebrate the ushering in of a new beginning,
before the fireworks,
and well before the #newyear #newme posts,

let’s get something straight:

DO NOT wait until the new year to join a gym.

Just as a note, that’s in all bold, so you know it’s serious business. For good reason too because there are 10 really great reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the new year to join a gym:

1.) You’re more than likely to fail a New Year’s resolution

According to USNews.com 80% of resolutioners failed their goals by February. This does not mean a person shouldn’t set them, but what it does mean is that there is likely a lot of fear when attempting to tackle new challenges. Starting a resolution early means you’re much more likely to succeed over those who wait to tackle their goals.




2.) You can do A LOT in two weeks

Believe it or not gym results start on day one. That’s right, there are physical and mental changes starting on your first visit to your new gym.

Day One:
Improved Cognitive Function
Boosted Mood
Reduced Body Fat

Week One:
Improved Cardiovascular
Higher Energy Levels
Better Mobility/Flexibility

Week Two:
Emergence of a New Habit
Building Lean Muscle
Improved Strength




3.) No pressure

With New Year’s resolutions being so popular (50% of Americans celebrate the phenomenon) there is a large temptation to “keep up with the Joneses.” That puts a lot of pressure on a person whose goals are unique to them–keeping up with someone else’s goals is a sure way to end up on the wrong path. A path that can be completely avoided when started early. And… in a bout of irony, that likely means you’ll become the Joneses.




4.) End the year on a high

2018 was a rough year for a lot of us. Joining a gym before the new year helps to put the negative where it should be (in the past) and the positive in the present. Going to the gym is the physical manifestation of the choice to take problems on at their root, and beat any foe or negative entity that crosses your path. Ending on a high means you win.




5.) Beat the Rush

You know who waits until New Years to start at the gym? Everyone. Fitness programs fill, and over pack classes. Personal Trainers gain too many clients and have to pass some off, or pass on them completely. Has there been a gym, program, or trainer that you’ve been thinking about for a long time? NOW is the time to join, because come New Year–they might not have the availability or the time to focus completely on your goals. (Though if a gym or trainer isn’t 100% focused on your goals, you better rush the other direction.)




6.) Boost Energy

The New Year will bring new challenges, and let’s face it, we’re not getting younger here! Joining a gym gives you an energy boost starting day one. The energy provided by working out has long been held sacred by (most) Presidents, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals alike. No one wants to be the tired guy/girl in the corner at work or at home.




7.) You’ll look younger

You’re not going to believe this one. Really, you won’t, because I didn’t. According to a study reported on by the New York Times, working out can lead to your skin looking up to 45 years younger.

I repeat; 45 YEARS YOUNGER!

Looks like we found the fountain of youth folks! That alone is reason enough to start going to the gym right now. With that being said, youthful skin is just scratching the surface (see what I did there?) of looking younger. On the inside your brain, heart, lungs, muscles… practically every tissue of your body starts to become more youthful.




8.) Save A LOT of money

“Gym memberships are expensive.”
“I can’t afford a trainer.”
“Can’t I just workout from home.”

These are just a few of the things people say to convince themselves that it’s not the right time to join a gym. From a financial sense, here’s the thing, you can’t afford NOT going to the gym.

There is a mounting cost to not attending a gym, mostly in healthcare. this averages out to a large total:

$2500 to be exact. Good gym memberships that come with a coach are usually much cheaper than that, and the benefits to working out are so many in number it would take a list longer than I have time to write in a lifetime to point out.

Maybe you have kids, or take care of someone at home. People that rely on you: well they NEED you to be healthy. The cost of not being healthy is too great. Find a time to break away, even for just 30 minutes. If that’s not possible, there are trainers who make house calls; and if you don’t know any, just ask. Fitness professionals do what they do because they want others to live their best, healthy lives.




9.) You’ll be happier

Seriously, you’ll feel like a million bucks. Well, if money had feelings I suppose. There are depression fighting endorphins released when working out, many times referred to ‘runner’s high.’ Not only that, but just succeeding at a goal, or even a small tasks such as completing a workout releases dopamine which creates a momentous cycle of completing more and more goals–in, and outside of the gym.




10.) #Newyear #Newme

Last but not least, is that on New Year’s day–you’ll actually be a new you. In otherwords, it’s time to whip out the latest iPhone and post the best selfie you’ve managed to catch decent lighting on (struggle bus, am I right?)  in your new gym. Time to post that #Newyear #Newme snap you’ve been dreaming of.

Piece of advice though; don’t do #nofilter, filters actually work wonders–just saying.




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