What Makes Us Different?

The UnderBox is Augusta, GA’s gym with the greatest amount of heart. In here, you matter, your goals matter and our fitness programs and health services are constantly evolving to give the results needed. The UnderBox staff believes in our motto “Bite Harder Than You Bark” and are here to put in the effort to assist you every step of your journey. If you’re military from Ft. Gordon, a veteran living nearby, a busy mother/father, an athlete or just beginning your fitness experience—we are here to serve you!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Easy! Schedule a “No Sweat” Intro with us and we can help find a service that best suits your needs and passions!

Who can do group training?

Anyone can do it! Our staff is diversely trained and can work with clients that are just getting into fitness, have pre-existing injuries, and are of any teen-adult age group. We scale our workouts and services to you, and develop a program to get the results you want fastest.

What can I expect?

Anyone just walking into The UnderBox can expect a friendly environment. Our members and coaches are known to stick-around after a workout congratulating each other, and helping one-another.

What if a time I need isn’t listed in your schedule?

We can work with almost all schedules. If there is a more convenient time for you just contact us—we will work something out!