BLACKOUT Competitors

BLACKOUT Competitors:
The BLACKOUT Competition team and individuals are those who are looking to take their fitness to the highest level. BLACKOUT is for those who want to aspire to more and are an invite/test only group of individuals with a love for competitive CrossFit. Our competitors have gained sponsorship, and have been recruited by top-end athlete centers. It is our goal to show our local community, and the nation just how far the human body can be pushed.

If you are interested in becoming a competitor, please contact Joey at


CrossFit-Angle of Attack

2K16- CrossFit Team Series


BLACKOUT athletes are currently qualifying for Wodapalooza! More updates soon!



Our competitors have full access to the facility and it’s equipment, including:

-Pendlay Barbells
-Rogue competitive olympic plates
-Steel & wooden jerk blocks
-Assault AirBike

*More equipment available upon request


BLACKOUT Team Members will have access to all open gym and class times–in their own space of the gym.


Competitors will have the choice between their own specialized programming or our own customized competitive programming.


Our BLACKOUT LEGENDS (masters division) is currently sponsored and it’s members will receive items as allowed per sponsors.

Team BLACKOUT has customized gear (shirts, hats, etc.) and are available to BLACKOUT members only.


Testing to join BLACKOUT is comprised of eight separate tests. To inquire more about testing or about BLACKOUT please email Joey at

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